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A few of 5SOS insiders and update accounts have confirmed that this is actual audio during Luke’s 18th Birthday event, although the location will not be leaked due to fans possibly going to the area. I haven’t seen it on tumblr and have taken it to myself to post it!! There is a trigger warning of drugs and swear words, but other than that enjoy!! 

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As young as we are now. 

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every single girl should hear this.


5sos visiting a strip club for entertainment is reasons why 12 year old shouldn’t be in this fandom


These boys are absolute idiots…But i love them


they’re just a bunch of white girls that got formed into a band

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Michaels Chatt up line


Michael: Lets play titanic; you be iceberg and I’ll go down


Luke: *turns around to laugh*

Calum: thats way too raunchy 

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5 Seconds of Summer in Manchester.

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